Team Natural and Natural Partners in Crime, two natural hair platforms and top large-scale event planners, have come together to produce an event that will showcase traveling naturals and the products of our event sponsors with top digital promotion.

Constance Cash is an educator, influencer, and leader in the natural hair community. As the founder of Team Natural, a platform for women with afro-textured hair, she lives out her purpose of empowering women to accept and celebrate every part of who they are. Her goal with Team Natural is to offer a positive environment where women can find resources and healthy encouragement on their natural hair journeys. With over half a million followers, Team Natural is one of the first and largest communities of its kind. Essence, Naturally Curly, Allure, and Buzzfeed, are a few of the prominent media outlets to feature the platform. Constance is a voice of authority that helps to lead the conversation on natural hair beyond products and styling. With a series of signature events and an international tour, she applies her skills as a seasoned event producer to bring naturalistas together from all over the world. Her mission is to encourage more women to embrace a holistic approach to beauty that includes the mind, body, and spirit.

Sabrina Boissiere  of Natural Partners In Crime wears many hats! As an event producer she creates unique and fun events in the natural hair community. Based in New York City, Sabrina continues to expand her reach by working with top hair and beauty brands and curating amazing activations at major events such as Essence Music Festival  in New Orleans (2017-2019), events in Jamaica, West Indies and England. Her goal is to continue to support women on their natural hair journey and to create amazing experiences that people will remember!